Elite Performance Test v3.0

The Elite Performance Test v3.0 is the most comprehensive method of predicting genetic potential for elite racing and breeding performance. Every horse is tested on our platform of 670,000 genetic markers, which considers over 48,000 genetic markers related to elite racing and breeding performance.

Genomic Racing Value
Percentage Black-Type in Each Class
  • A Class 1 horse has the greatest potential to be elite, while a class 4 horse has the lowest potential.
  • A score of 1* highlights Class 1 horses that are at the very top of the range.
  • Almost 40% of the Class 1 horses are Class 1*. Class 2 and 3 are the most common classes in the general Thoroughbred population.
  • Class 1* horses are over two times more likely to achieve black type than Class 4 horses.
Genomic Breeding Value

The Genomic Breeding Value represents the potential for a broodmare or stallion to produce offspring with a greater aptitude for elite success. This is based on an assessment of the number of favourable genetic variants that an individual may pass on to their progeny. It does not include the additional environmental co-variants used in the Genomic Racing Value which cannot be inherited.

  • Each horse is given a Genomic Breeding Value (GBV) of 1–4, with an additional value of 1* to indicate Class 1 horses that are at the very top of the range.

Equinome research has determined that the general Thoroughbred population comprises:

  • 20% Class I individuals
  • 30% Class II individuals
  • 30% Class III individuals
  • 20% Class IV individuals
Version 2.0 €1450 £1215 AUS $1,900 US $1,880
Version 1.0 €940 £785 AUS $1260 US $1240

Equinome Speed Gene genotype is required for Elite Performance Test. Price displayed includes Speed Gene Test and Elite Performance Test.

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Plusvital is able to accept DNA samples from almost all bloodstock regions within the world. The process is simple and involves a 4-5ml uncoagulated blood sample from each horse in a purple cap K2-EDTA tube. If you require any assistance or advice, please contact us directly.

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