Distance Plus v1.0

Refine optimum race distance through analysis of a more complex range of genetic markers.

The Speed Gene is the most important contributor to best race distance, accounting for almost 50% of the genetic variation on its own. However, refining the best race distance requires a more complex arrangement of genetic markers. This test adds thousands of additional genetic markers to refine the distance range prediction, separating horses into short or long C:C, C:T or T:T.

Due to different environments, racing conditions and training methods when moving from one racing region to another, we examine different genetic arrangements to predict best race distance in four of the major global racing regions. Therefore, the same horse could potentially be a “C:C-short” in Australia/New Zealand but a “C:C-long” in Europe due to different suitability for the different regions.

Average Best Race Distance
463 Black-Type Horses (Europe only)

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Plusvital is able to accept DNA samples from almost all bloodstock regions within the world. The process is simple and involves a 4-5ml uncoagulated blood sample from each horse in a purple cap K2-EDTA tube. If you require any assistance or advice, please contact us directly.

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